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  • Note: The Libra Cart, Libra TMR and Libra Express hardware use FreeRTOS v7.5.2. The source code for FreeRTOS and any modifications to it performed by Agrimatics is available upon request.

Libra Cart Videos

  • Pairing Main Mobile Device

  • Pairing a Remote Display

  • Troubleshoot Pairing

  • Configuration of the Load Cells

  • Calibration

  • Automatic Unload Detection

  • Manual Mode

  • Entering Grower, Farms, Fields

  • Entering Truck Groups and Trucks

  • Entering Destination Groups and Destinations

  • Main Screen/Display Tab

  • Editing and Viewing Unload Transactions

  • Exporting Harvest Data

  • Closing a Season

Libra TMR Videos

  • Pairing a Primary Display

  • Pairing a Remote Display

  • Pairing Troubleshooting

  • Configuration of the Load Cells

  • Calibration

  • Adding Ingredients and Rations

  • Adding Pens and Feed Groups

  • Display Tab (Main Screen)

  • Loading and Feeding

  • Viewing Batch and Feed Transactions

  • Weighback

  • Adding a Bunk Reading

  • Feed Adjustment

  • Exporting Pen and Ration Data

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Warranty Policy, Brochures and Guides

  • Product Warranty

  • Libra Cart Brochure

  • Libra Cart User Guide

  • Libra TMR Brochure

  • Libra TMR User Guide

  • Agrimatics Aero Cart Brochure

  • Agrimatics Aero TMR Brochure

  • Calibration Guide
    (instructions on retrieving calibration number from old indicator)

  • Agrimatics Return Policy

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