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Libra Cart is one of the most highly reviewed Ag Tech products on the market

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"I wish every piece of tech I used was this easy to run and as reliable."

- Randy Uhrmacher, Hastings, NE

Libra Cart

The Libra Cart hardware connects to your grain cart’s load cells and wirelessly communicates with the Libra Cart app through Bluetooth®.

It automatically detects and records every unload from your grain cart without additional sensors, providing accurate, real-time harvest data on your tablet or smartphone — no need to press any buttons or write anything down.


Easy to Install

Mounts directly on your grain cart and connects to industry-standard load cells


No cables across the hitch, making it easy to switch tractors

Powered by 12V or Battery

Outlasts the harvest season for most farms on a single battery (included), or can be optionally powered by 12V

Automatic Unload Detection

Automatically saves the date, time, GPS location*, and weight of every unload

*if mobile device supports GPS

Track Fields, Trucks, Destinations

View totals and weight transactions for every field, truck, and destination (bins, bags, elevators, contracts)

Manage Inventory

Transfer amounts from one destination to another to track what has been moved or sold

Records Offline

Collects and saves harvest data into the app whether or not your mobile device is connected to the Internet

Calibrates Yield Monitor

View live cart weights from other mobile devices within range to calibrate the combine’s yield monitor

Moisture Sensor Compatible

Update the moisture manually or automatically with a compatible moisture sensor available through Agrimatics distributors


Easy to use for operators of all ages and technological skill level. Details can be easily edited right in the app to correct mistakes or add notes

Access New Features

Update new app features and firmware right from your mobile device

Share and Export Data

Automatically* back up your harvest data to the cloud. Export, share, and open with spreadsheet software.

*when an Internet connection is available

Agrimatics Cloud Service

The cloud service automatically backs up your harvest data to keep it safe and secure in the case of a lost or damaged mobile device. In addition, it allows you to access and edit your harvest data from anywhere, download harvest reports, connect to other farm software platforms, and more! Free and Pro versions available.

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